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The Maximize Workout MS Active Wellness

Challenge yourself with this fun, intense workout. Incorporate weights to help build your strength.

The Maximize Workout is great for the days when you want to really challenge yourself physically. The total workout is about one hour long and incorporates a series of circuits. The exercises in this workout are more advanced than the Vitalize or Energize workouts. But, as with the other exercises on the DVD, it can be modified to fit your own personal needs. The Maximize Workout continues to strengthen arm, pelvic, back, leg and core muscles and also incorporates triceps and biceps exercises, crunches and body presses.

Preview the Maximize Workout with Katrina.

Click on the pictures below to meet the Maximize team. Each of the participants featured in the Maximize Workout on the Fitness with Katrina DVD is living with multiple sclerosis. Get a firsthand look at how they incorporate fitness into their overall treatment and wellness regimen.


Charles Donahue
In 2007, Chicagoan Charles Donahue was diagnosed with MS. Coming from a family passionate about motorcycling, he feared he would never have an opportunity to ride again. Instead, Charles took the initiative by seeking appropriate treatment and changing his lifestyle to focus on total wellness.

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